März 2016

A journey begins

We decided to quit our day jobs at a software startup to find new inspiration while traveling around the world.
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

— Lao Tzu
It was 6th of September 2015 when we spoke a bit 'bout our future plannings and started to realize that we need to quit our job and convince ourselves to start a new era of Thinking-Twins!

Exactly half a year later we're starting our trip...
Why the trip?
We wanted to push our boundaries by leaving the comfy zone.
Just grabbing some shirts and a bunch of credit cards to start a different way of working thousands of kilometers away from distraction, routine, family & friends.

The goal
We want to meet open minded people, see different cultures and explore some ideas that were queued far too long! Most of them are digital projects, design concepts or funny technical stuff that needs to grow bigger in our heads.
One main goal over the next 6 month will be the creation of a workflow that empowers the collaboration of designers and developers.
Our luggage

two laptops
two backpacks
one suitcase
tons of new ideas
We're now at the Airport and start to realize that this is the beginning of a dream, a new way of living, a nightmare, a big fail or just some weeks of fun and unusual perspectives.
Unser erstes ziel
Bali - Indonesien
Mit der Landung in Denpasar beginnt unsere Reise im Inselparadies Bali und wir werden hier die kommenden Wochen verbringen, zunächst als Teil der Community von Hackerparadise in Canggu und später in Mengwi.